Emotional Care - Leave a Legacy not a Ledger

myEstate – The online engagement & management platform for family matters

myEstate’s “Emotional Care” empowers individuals to provide ultimate contentment to family, friends and confidants by providing a much richer, safer & simpler way to manage family matters.

myEstate Promotes Well Being

Promotes emotional & physical well being by

  • Storing digital assets (life’s footprint) in a structured 3D like, meaningful way so everything can be quickly and easily visualized and managed
  • Providing a simple way to access and retrieve information when a life event occurs
  • Sending notices and reminders when records or events need actioning
  • Sharing information and encouraging engagement with confidants and loved ones

A key part of modern Aged Care Management

myEstate integrates fully into existing Aged Care solutions and can connect to any EHR/MHR system ensuring real-time record synchronisation.


  • The client (”person who is cared for”) and their family and friends
  • Confidants like executors and service professionals (lawyers, accountants, financial advisers and medical/health care professionals)
  • The Aged Care provider incl. nursing home, residential aged care and retirement villages
  • The software as a service (SAAS) providers, myEstate, Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Resellers and Facilitators
myEstate - Stakeholders
myEstate - Benefits


  • State of mind – avoiding stress and regret, bringing contentment and peace of mind
  • Health – promotion of both emotional and physical well being
  • Stronger relationships – through involvement, engagement and Information flow
  • Financial – for all via the creation of new revenue streams and cost savings


myEstate is licensed as a white label SAAS solution to established EHR/MHR & Aged Care Providers to value add to existing core offerings.

myEstate - Licensing

Aged Care Providers

myEstate helps to promote emotional and physical well being, and it avoids family in-fighting before, during or after the death of a client.

EHR / MHR Solutions Providers

Extend your care offering. Create new revenue streams with no development costs.